VFL practice match vs Frankston @ The Hangar, 7PM Friday 9 April 2021

The final practice match…


They do realize that daylight saving just ended, yeah? And a 6pm start equals the need for very good 2nd half flood lights? I’ve actually no idea how good the lights are out there.

just set everything on fire.

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VFLM have trained at night there, so if the lights are bad we have an advantage.

i am thinking they missed this, methinks a change of time is comming

Are the VFLM that trained at night still on the roster?

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Sorry, what is VFLM? I’ve never heard of that competition…


At this point, the V should be more confusing to you than the M.


this is a discussion for the political correctness thread.

VFLW match on the second ground during pre-season. Doesn’t look to be a Punt Road joke.


If you go back to the 8th January 2021 training thread you may be able to work out which players these are.

There are four such light towers. Nothing on the MCG ground.

VFL blokes do have to finish their day jobs.

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Good chance they are the F/S boys

For bored people, the main ground and outside-the-fence spectators:

and the second ground:

Click to zoom in!

Taken around 8:54 Friday 8 Jan 2021

i see Nackers

We have a flasher problem out there?

Missed me by about 28 minutes.

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More imagery of our excellently-lit ground: @Catherine_Lio is going to provide a VFLW training report.


whos dog did you steal?