VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


Line ‘em up, we’ll knock them down.

VFL - Semi Final vs Tigers @ Port Melbourne, 12:40pm Saturday 8 September 2018 - easy

I’m glad you specified the year to prevent confusion


Also, Hiiiiind


Be there!


I need answers to the following 2 questions please…


Leuenburger ?



What’s the address of the ground? And what country is it located in? I NEED SPECIFICS








I believe you’ll find the start time is a hint.

(AFL finals Friday and Saturday nights, VFL Saturday and Sunday days, all on Seven.)

EDIT: Ha. VFL site claiming the two prelims will be played simultaneously on the same ground. I might have to edit the title again once they work out which one of the games is on Saturday…




game is on the saturday.


Sneaky/dopey buggers. Title changed.


I’m thinking Hartley needs to play every week for the seniors next season, just so we have a player who can kick-in from a behind.



good to see the hot chip thread thriving.




Oh fantastic, I’m scheduled to work on Sunday (worked today ) so can get to this one .


AFL yet to release the time of the Pies GWS semi final. Hopefully no clash but have a feeling theyll make it a Saturday twilight match clashing with the prelim.


I’ve got that “if I go we’ll lose, if I don’t go we’ll win” feeling. Yes I’m a narcissist, but every vfl final I’ve been to we’ve lost and I haven’t been able to make it the last two weeks.

On a serious note, did anyone notice the hardness of the ground yesterday? Two shoulders and a couple of head injuries suggests it might have been a bit dry? @DJR ?

Sorry if it’s been discussed already.


Stay home please.