VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


I really want to break the streak.


Now’s not the time for experimenting :joy:


Relax folks, we’re winning!


I’ll be able to make it this week!

Let’s break the VFL Preliminary final hoodoo.

We’ve made it a few times over the last 10 years, but just couldn’t get the job done.

This is our year!


Harrison’s second bump was likely on hard cricket pitch.

The middle was a mix of very firm pitches, sand, and gooey slop. There’s a reason they cancelled games there earlier this year and will shortly start ripping it up entirely.

The rest of the ground, including Boyse’s wing, was less remarkable.


Has it been confirmed for Saturday or Sunday?

Haven’t heard any confirmation yet.


I felt that when we played Casey during the season, they tried to physically intimidate us…I think they had a bit of a size advantage on us in midfield, and like to bully (just like the Melbourne midfield)…so I’m concerned with the losses of Lav, Harrison, Mynott in there.


Have you tried going to the VFL website and right at the top changing it to round 3 of the finals? It used to show Sunday for both teams, then got changed to Saturday for us.


LAV was apparently hamstring “tightness”, not a strain. So maybe available.


LAVs dead DJR, let sleeping dogs lie.


I have never been to Port, is it less flat than other grounds? The way the ball bounced and certain vision made it look like it fell away on the wings more than other grounds. I can’t think of the appropriate word.


They did say on telly they believe he’ll be available and it was just a one week injury as yes it was just a strain.


Not really. It’s no, for example, Casey Fields where you lose sight of any ground battles on the opposing wing.


Saw Lav in the crowd yesterday and he said to one of the fans “just a bit of tightness, couldn’t risk it”


We were told Saturday postgame yesterday FWIW, though I haven’t seen it confirmed.


Saturday game would be perfect. I’m going to be flying home from Sydney Saturday morning so might make a diversion. Having not been to the oval in many years what is the best mode of transport from airport?
Straight to ground via cab or Uber or into the city and then PT


Just get an Uber all the way there from the airport, it’ll be the quickest and hassle free




Seven just said we are playing on Saturday, too.


The crowd for this Hawks vs Cats semi is shiiiiit