VFL - Prelim Final vs Casey @ Port Melbourne, 2:10pm Saturday 15 September 2018


There’s not many of them either.


Watching the game I can see hard times for the Cats coming up. They have very little in their VFL side that can move into the AFL. A few but it is thin, especially the forward line.


Cockortwo and Ratateadear will be serviceable.


Poor David J, attends all year then gets swallowed up by all us bandwagoners come finals time.


Confirmed, we play Saturday @ 2.10pm Port Melbourne


David J who?


I used to be a champion… now I’m dead to you all.


He liked the Essendon VFL team before they became mainstream.


We’ll remember him next year. When the VFL is playing at somewhere like Craigieburn in June/July when it’s freezing cold and ■■■■■■■ down.


The VFL just thinking about the prospect of Essendon participating in the Grand Final:


Sweet sideburns.


isn’t it amusing how ch 7s vfl coverage ■■■■■ all over their afl coverage.


Bastards better win.
I’m driving a long way to see this.


Let’s get a huge crowd.
and when we play in the grand final… 25,000 Essendon Supporters.




don’t they cap port melbourne at 4-5k people?


I thought I heard on C7 that there was over 4K on Saturday.


Amazing what happens when you keep it simple and get people who actually talk about football.


The Qtr time huddles are going to take some dispersing on Saturday.


and have less people and have less personalities

While Brown may have been a &^*^ he has kept his commentary simple which is nice. I think having Bennett who just focuses on the game helps.