VFL - Round 1 vs Bears @ The Hangar, 1:05pm Saturday 23 March 2024

Bears first up.

Last matches against them:

Year Round H or A Scores Margin
2021 1 Away 38-104 -66
2023 8 Away 41-109 -68

Rough. First time playing them in Melbourne, ever though.


Listen to the Bear coach say they will smash us:

(I haven’t listened to it, just going by their choice of headline.)

2 notes:
That’s a pretty nice forward line
Vigo at CHB? :face_with_monocle:


Weid needs to be playing as a defender, in case we need him in the 1’s.
He’s been tried and tested as a forward and is no good, so let’s see what he can do in defence. I prefer Caddy, Jones, Draper, Bryan and Laverde all as depth for forward line over Weid, but our key defender stocks are looking a bit fragile at the moment.


B.Scott starting on the bench

BDB going to show em how its done


Really hoping J Davey has a great game.


He has played there for the last 2 practice games (Draper and Bryan) rucking.

I suspect he will swap from backline to 2nd ruck this week.


3 fast smalls in forwardline hope they hit the scoreboard and put some selction pressure on.

I think no Weideman in defence means we are comfortable for Hayes to be the next man in if injury strikes Cox or Lav or McKay.

will Shiel play or fly to Sydney as emergency.

Hope archie roberts & lual have good games.

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Hi, can someone tell me if Alex Molan is from the Rebels?

I think that is one of the things I am most keen to see this year. Will Hayes come on and develop into a solid backman to replace someone like Lav?

I am not slighting Lav, I love the guy and think he does an overall good job. But he is not a natural backman and it shows at times. Hayes is so I would like to see him really develop.

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Yes, I believe so.

Alex Molan (East Point/GWV Rebels)

Will Hayes son of David or will Hayes come on?

Probably him and Caddy our most important players in the VFL right now.



The big philosophical question.


Was thinking of taking my young fella to the Hangar today. I’ve never been there before. I’d assume it’s standard VFL pay rates to get in? Better option to get a lift as opposed to try and find a park? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.

Surely A. Davey & Jones have gone to Syd, as insurance.

Free to get it. Best to park on Melrose or a side street just off it.

Should be a gate open to walk in between the two ovals on Melrose

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AFL still pretending to care this year and streaming the games on the app?