VFL - Round 1 vs Bears @ The Hangar, 1:05pm Saturday 23 March 2024

And that he wasn’t good enough to lace Ariel Steinberg’s shoes, or beat little Aaron Heppell in the air.

Where would Robert’s play if he came into the seniors? Iirc he kicked a couple of goals last week?

I was thinking this regarding Bryan.

He’s not gonna get any better playing VFL.

If he’s going to get better, he needs to play AFL. Unfortunately he’s not good enough to play AFL, atm.

A player like this would benefit from a Loan to a club that needs a second Ruckman for the season.

He has been training and playing wing, he said so in a post match interview after the game.

He should be aiming to take Kelly’s spot

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There is much that Bryan can work on playing at VFL level, particularly everything else after the ruck contest.
If there are no major injuries to our 3 rucks, I think he’ll play 6-8 games in the 1s.
He may play more as Goldy is still a very good 1st ruck, but he needs to play 2nd ruck if/when Draper is fully fit. Goldy’s a workhorse and may struggle only playing 40% ruck time & resting forward a bit.
Bryan might be more suited to playing 2nd ruck given his agility.

Hopefully Roberts plays AFL this year. It looks like we have picked a good player with a low pick.

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Two Bears reported.

Did the ump for the next four lines just wander through a mêlée?

And yes, I’m skimming through the replay of the last-listed item to see how nasty it was!


Ha, she might get off. I saw nothing and Pickett played well throughout the second quarter and is standing at the end of it.

Wing or HBF if injuries hit the back six any more

That goal from Jayden Davey, that pace running into open goal
reminded me of Lovett.

Did we play better than we thought against this lot? They are currently belting the Pies in the VFL.

The most bizarre selection Dodoro has ever performed.

Even Fark Carlton have managed to win A game.

It was a good win today. About time.

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