VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

Three quarter time:

8.7.55 leads 8.5.53

I don’t reckon Zerk is a 3rd tall


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I can smell a Brown Snell.

Hitouts aren’t that great…


Just got in, great updates again. Franga not playing?

Ohh here it is :ok_hand::ok_hand:

@paddyl90 is in the stand, not behind our goals to bring it home in the last.


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Bowman Snelling Myers Mynott in the middle to start the final quarter.

Time for Mo22ie to turn up.

I think Tommy Bellch is playing really well, but the way they keep Zclark back and name him in the emergencies as well, shows belly is a week by week proposition. He’s probably our most important player, given the lack of a quality replacement.

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We win the hit out, the clearance, and hit Guccione on the lead.

Missed. Could have used that.

And he still hasn’t kicked a goal for us… no getting around him!


Yah Brown obvious replacement for Stringer.


Roughead unattended at CHF. Sets up shot from thirty out.


We leave Roughead AND runners free at 50m. He marks then pops it over the top. And that guy goes back and goals.

Complete brain fade by the defence. :scream:

Sun in the eyes an issue this quarter.

Some idiot in the crowd yells very loudly “immediately! The word in the rules is immediately, YA FLOG!”

Fair to say the crowd in the stand appreciated my insight more than the flog on the ground watching the Dawk do their 540º.