VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm


Long kick in by them and a strong mark 30m out in front. But luckily he misses.

Defence a little out of sorts this quarter.




We get a point.


Gown snap from pocket is across the face.




Mo22ie ran him him down at fifty.




Mozzie playing well this qtr. good tackle followed by long kick out ofbounds


Maybe trying a torpedo. It comically comes of the the side of his boot, and misses the left point post by twenty metres on the way out on the full.


The flogs hate Gown. Huge push.


Ham two bounces and… point.



Struggling this qtr


14 minutes into the last quarter


Mozzie crumbs the front of the marking contest, runs to the point line and SCORES THE GOAL!


Post something! It’s been a minute.


Mozzie darts in and snaps a goal after Ham competed in the air against two


We’re in front!


We kicked to one-on-two, it spills and Mo22ie is there! Runs in past a third player to goal.

64-60 we lead


Houlihan marks 10m out!


Thank you.


Come on!