VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

Centre clearance and Gown clunks on the lead. Turns immediately to kick long and Houlahan uses his body well to take the mark.


Houlhan marks good Gown kick and goals
Real good four minutes of play. Precise kicking


I know it wont have been. But I cant help but picture that it was some kind of Warick Capper screamer.

Gown another mark on the wing. Good time to turn up.

Disposal wasn’t great though.

HepA takes the hit to kill the ball.

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Gleeson a big fist to kill the marking contest in the square. Looked out of position and that there was about to be one straight kick in the game.


Flogs getting worried. Free to Hawks. Handed off to Roughead and he kicks it out on the full.

21 minutes in the last quarter

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Myers gets a lucky top-tap on-the-full at fifty…

Blow the siren!

Get ready for more free kick Hawthorn.

Nino snap… point.


Dea has been great.


McNeice and Dea very good in defence

Hartley fills the hole and earns the free


Houlahan a big intercept on the wing. A bit of cramp.

25 minutes in. 10 up.

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Solid all day

25 minutes…

Come on.