VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

They goal.

A Dawk gets the spilled ball off the back of a marking contest and a rapid dribble kick goes through.


They goal again as they break through several tackles.

Hawks runs 25 (in the absence of a bounce, there was a missed tackle halfway along to reset the flog’s brain) and goals.


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BZT very poor decision to play on immediately after taking an intercept mark on the wing.

Siren. Up by a point at quarter time.

Down our end at 30:40.

And siren before I can finish typing, or them throw it in.

4.3.27 we lead 4.3.26

At most a goal of wind their (school end) way that quarter. Oddly the wind is predicted to swing a bit easterly in the coming hours.

Had most of the play in our half but they were very efficient when they went forward.
We missed a couple of easy ones.

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Younan forward, HepA wing.

Wow. One lane of the bowls club is being used. Never seen that before.


Hocking cons a Hawk into hitting him and reversing the free.

Super interested to see how this pans out

Hartley is backup only. Bowman been decent around the ground.

27-32 as we discuss how 99% of Dawk captains are sniping pieces of ■■■■.

Myers kicks one on the run from 55m.

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Myers goes hoof!!!

Started from a blistering rebound from Bezerk Thatcher to Mo22ie.



Great goal from Myers from 55 after some good defensive play by ZakT

Myers is too good for VFL.

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Good link play from the b/ line sees Brown’s shot go out on the full.