VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

An amazing kick by McNeice sets up a chain to Brown forward.

And he kicks out on the full!

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The last few minutes we’ve doing what Hawthorn did last night. Boring!

Finally we go forward and Brown gets a kicking in danger free.

Outside fifty? No worries.




Kicking in danger to Brown, and he nails the set shot.

Free to Brown and goal from 47 m
6-3 to 5-2

But probably not good enough for AFL anymore so I’m guessing that’s where he’ll be playing unless injury permits

6-3 to 6-2.

Roughead beats Long in the air, almost stuffs up the play-on, but gets it forward to a mark in front of goal.


Suns come out. Very pleasant here.

Up in the stands, Woosha behind me. Just said Brown won’t play 2nd half, clearly in the selection frame for Thursday Night…


Bright sun out now.

Dea (yep) and Myers (really?) leading our disposals with 11.

They attempt to kill Bowman, just fail.

Following this on a flight from Brisbane, this is awesome


Mosquito squeezes through traffic and banana… point.


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Almost some mozzie magic but a point only

Long now in defence.

As he should be

Vital we have more talls as intercepts are WC strength and in Brown also have someone who will drag McGovern out of dangerous area (did in ‘18).

And as we can see today Brown can slot goals from 50 no worries also. Can’t be zoned off on.


Guccione now forward.

Arm wrestle at the moment. Not too much class.

Not using the ball well. Turnovers