VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

That’s a 12-point turnaround.

Thanks, flog.

Gown must abuse the flogs a lot, they hate him when it comes to illegal holding.

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Goal to Hawks. They seem to have cleaner sharper entries into their fifty


Mynott pack handball intercepted. Sets up a shot for them.



Another turnover but only a point to Dawks

Houlahan snap on full after Myers smashed during a mark.

There is a little bit of wind to the school/Dawk end.

Mitch Brown rested, in for The Package Thursday?

Good powerful pass by Youan to Hartley. Shot from 47. Point

Hartley marks at fifty, everyone screams for him not to play on.

And just misses. Don’t listen to the idiots in the stands, Hartley!


Monster snap.


Stopped them breaking out but only got another point.

But forced another throw in now.

Dea good as always.

Nino Lazzaro has replaced Brown forward.

Multiple entries for only a couple of points.

All the pressure and keeping it within 60m of our goal pays off. We goal.

Guccione doing some rucking.

Nino intercepts their attempt to clear the backline and BANG.


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Finally good snap by Lazzario

Hocking and Ridley in the centre for the bounce

Hocking a snap from the pool pocket.


Opportunity arose from a nice mark from HepA in the middle from a Bezerk Thatcher rebound.

Good to see we so competitive considering the outs to talls in particular

Francis, Baguley, Zlarke - held over
Stewart - injury list still
Brown - only played a half (apparently)

@theDJR … are they breaking down across half forward with lack of key targets ?

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