VFL - round 11 vs Box Hill @ Windy Hill, Saturday 15 June 2019 at 2pm

Bit of a stall here as both teams can’t get a chain together.

Marty marks on the line to stop a goal.

Hartley then Gleeson mark well in defence.

Whoever #74 in the ruck is, good player! Worth a rookie list spot especially with Draper doing a knee…

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We chose not to mid-season-draft Bowman…

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Marty intercept mark on the siren.

6.4.40 we lead 6.2.38

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Long doing ok this qtr. Gleeson doing well in defence marking
Very tight second qtr. two goals each with bombers with 2 point lead

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Dea 13
Myers 12
Snelling 11
Gleeson 9
Younan 9
Zerk 9
Long 8
Mynott 7
Ridley 7
Brown 6
Ham 6


Snelling watch - any good?

Are we back?

The flogs have just come out.

Waiting for the teams.

Snelling doing well in the packs. Attacks the ball with real intent. Quick hands



Guccione and Younan start forward.

Ridley and Long the wings.

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Snelling Myers Mynott Bowman

Been most impressed with Younan and Bowman. Very surprised we didn’t take him in the mid-season draft.

Gown held twenty out… you know the story.



Rebound to a mark for them at fifty.

Ump ignores it completely? Or free kick + miss?