VFL - Round 14 vs Port @ Port, 2:05pm Sun 25 June 2023

Despite being on Channel 7, this match gets second billing, given the women of the same teams play 11:30-13:30 for (likely) top spot on the ladder.

This game is between 15th (them) and 18th (us). The sole victory from the 10 games below was against 20th.

But someone has to win this game, right?


Ticket Prices

Adult - $10
Concession - $5
Kids U/15 - Free
PMFC Members - Free
Essendon Members - $5

Free entry until HALF TIME of VFLW match

Free entry to anyone who shows their Tradie Union Card


Cool we get to watch the VFL team lose on free to air this week.

Up Cooney

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Why not go live and get 30km/h wind and rain to complete the experience.


Maybe see a Hird playing for the Opposition


Unfortunately your name can only get you so far.

N. Hind (19), K. Baldwin (26), C. McBride (41)
HB: A. Lord (28), L. Hayes (18), R. Montgomerie (38)
C: M. D’Ambrosio (42), E. Tsatas (5), N. Cox (13)
HF: T. Wanganeen (40), P. Voss (39), A. Davey (33)
F: A. McDonald-Tipungwuti (43), J. Jorgensen (56), A. Munkara (45)
R: N. Bryan (24), B. Bernacki (59), B. Cootee (57)
INT: R. Loton (70), J. Fitzgerald (77), C. McCarty (79), T. Phillips (55), M. Kiraly (78)*
EMG: B. Archard (50), J. Menzie (47), M. Foley (73), J. Brown (61), J. Kelly (29), J. Brown (63), W. Madden (66)

IN: M. D’Ambrosio, N. Hind, M. Kiraly, C. McCarty, A. Munkara
OUT: J. Hunter (back), S. Conforti, M. Foley, B. Laguda, W. Madden
NEW: Michael Kiraly, 19, 184cm, 76kg,


Don’t be silly: forecast says 40km/h, but no rain.

From that side, D’Ambrosio, Bryan and Hind are all in Perth.
I guess it’s possible that any of those who don’t play could fly back Sat night and play Sunday.

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either way I’m reconsidering riding the bike

Bendigo Pioneers midfielder Michael Kiraly to make his VFL debut in what is set to be cult hero Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’s 50th VFL game.


Exciting forward line


Forgive me, I’m in Townsville for work and I’ve had a couple of beers.

Are you suggesting that the Essendon VFL games is of less importance to the VFLW?
If so, you may be talking for yourself and that’s fine.

Otherwise, I always rate your level of detail either VFL or elsewhere.
Thank you

He’s only been doing this bit for… 3 years?

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I was thinking more of generations of a family barracking for Essendon, then going to a game where Tom’s family might be barracking against the Bombers for his team.

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How’s that forward line!!!:heart:



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Did you go to the NRLW State of Origin?

Decent team, I’m keen to see how Walla, Munny and Tex go.

Excitement machines.