VFL - Round 14 vs Port @ Port, 2:05pm Sun 25 June 2023

I only support premiership teams. I’m a very fickle and mass-market sheeple.



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Ha! Guilty! Looking forward to seeing if Tex can backup his last game. He was exceptional, and surprised me with his centre square abilities.


Unfortunately not a fan of either male or female version.
The QLD girls stayed in the same venue as me (Casino)

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The AFL is seriously lagging behind other codes in regard to women’s teams.
As our VFLM team is largely run as development of individuals who might make it in the seniors, our VFLW team is higher quality , with emphasis on competing to a flag.


Because the VFL is basically a reserves comp which will eventually end up as a complete second tier for all clubs. Their goal is purely to develop the AFL listed players and winning is secondary.


Hope to see more Tex in the middle, maybe a little at half back


I’d like to see Baldwin return to playing forward for a stint.
He’s at a stage now as a player that he’s ready for AFL. I can see he could be a KP defender definitely, but I think it is premature to abandon the idea of him playing forward. I don’t think it would be stuffing around his development to swap him back and forth at this stage (eventhough most players who have played both forward and back tend to settle at one, rather than chop and change regularly eg Moore, Naughtin).
We are at the stage where it is getting very doubtful that any of Reid, Cox or Jones will be long term successes for us and we need to find young/new KP players at either end. Baldwin at this stage looks good enough to be one of them and I’d like to see how he goes forward again before committing to him as a defender only.


I wish more people understood this.
There aren’t too many comps where you play players back from injury for half a game, or play players through the middle to improve their fitness ahead of full fit and capable players.
I’d say 50% of VFL listed players would hate being in aligned teams. They’d be jumping between EDFL and VFL while guys like Munkara are playing for a month (his first month) just to get to his fitness up.


This is my jam today

Love that forwardline


Be interested only to see who puts their hand up for senior selection.

Just prepare anyone up forward so Weideman can get axed.

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After a disappointing AFL loss, I look to the VFL in the hope that there is light on the horizon and this week I am especially optimistic there is.

Backline - An AFL backline of Heppel, Kelly, Lavender and Zerk is courageous and strong but it is also slow and prone to poor kicks. This was extremely frustrating last night when trying to move the ball out of defence or defend quick entries from the Dockers. Today, I am looking forward to something very different via the speed of Hind and accurate kicks of Massimo. I am even forward to those darting runs of Lord. I know he gets some stick on here but I rate his movement and think he will also benefit with some quicker players around him to link with.

Forward line - Like the backline, a forward line of Wright, Weiderman and Langford is a bit on the slow side. Add in Guelfi who has courage but lacks agility as well as Perkins and Stringer who aren’t great chasers, we get a forward line that is poor at shutting down the opposition moving the ball out of defence. In contrast, I am looking forward to that speed of Davey, Munkara, Tippa and Wanganeen with some of the defensive intent of Voss.

Midfield - The AFL midfield is first rate but it has been made to look second and third rate a few times this year due to the slowness of the back and forward lines that the midfield needs to link up with. In contrast, the VFL midfield has been very weak for a few years but with Tsatas now being joined with cameos by Wanganeen and Tippa, I’m thinking there might be something worth watching. Hopefully, McBride will shoulder much of the ruck. He looks awful in defence but quite watchable in the ruck where his agility and endurance come to the fore.

Finally, I’ll get to watch Hird again. I liked his attitude when he played for the Bombers and it looks like he has been a strong performer for Port this year.


Here for Tsatas watch.

And what I’d give for a Voss blinder.


Baldwin definitely playing back.


Wind has dropped further from the VFLW.

Wheelchairs won by 12 and women lost by 4, so to Win The Weekend we need a 25 point win here.

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Didn’t know Dyl Clarke was at port