VFL - Round 14 vs Port @ Port, 2:05pm Sun 25 June 2023

What a clash of colours. I might need to distinguish by the shorts.

Small crowd here

Gotta hold that tackle Baldwin


Can I leave yet?


Hind could have gone back and intercepted but pulled out for that last goal. That won’t endear himself to the coaches or help his chances for promotion.

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Baldwin 30m behind our next defender. I guess Port are off flooding.

Walla looking good

baldwin ok? looked proppy after that contest

Looks OK.

lord sucks

one of the cameras lags more than stallions favourite website of the 2000s


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take it to the god bothering thread

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Billy gives the Borough Cootees

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is port melbourne an essendon vfl reject burial ground?

thighs mctsatas

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Nice.grab Baldwin

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Disposal less so.

is that djrs bonce on ch 7?


this could be a statement game for tsatas, clearly getting targeted