VFL - Round 17 vs Gold Coast @ Windy Hill, 1PM Sunday 17 July 2022 - Hurley returns

■■■■ ch 7, hurls return should be on 7HD

AFL app has Hurley named at full back, with Stewart alongside. Surely back to front.


Nice to see James here enjoying some hot chips.

chromecast button greyed out for anyone else?

take a ■■■■■■■ hint @theDJR

Bear sighting


Search for afl using Google chrome then find the vfl thread . Can cast from there

I actually forgot what number he was before he ran out.

So that’s what the J stands for in David J Richardson.

Nice one afl U wastes of oxygen

Big crowd??

I thought Mass was dropped because he was injured but he’s playing today.

WTF. Why drop him?

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see whats wrong with this club thread

Not really.

3 min til stream starts … frustrating

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Should be on at Marvel as a curtain raiser.


Not bad considering the GC don’t bring many extras

We are tanking.

Has the game actually started ?