VFL - Round 19 vs Bin Chickens @ Windy Hill, 1:05pm Sunday 30th July

B M. D’Ambrosio (42) K. Baldwin (26) C. McBride (41)
HB S. Weideman (10) L. Hayes (18) R. Montgomerie (38)
C A. Lord (28) E. Tsatas (5) T. Phillips (55)
HF T. Wanganeen (40) P. Voss (39) A. Davey (33)
F A. McDonald-Tipungwuti (43) J. Stewart (17) A. Munkara (45)
R J. Hotchkin (64) B. Cootee (57) H. Minton-Connell (76)
INT J. Jorgensen (56) J. Fitzgerald (77) C. McCarty (79)
S. McKay (80) M. Taha (81)
23rd Player M. Taha (81)
EMG W. Madden (66) M. Kiraly (78)
INS J. Stewart (17) H. Minton-Connell (76) M. Taha (81)
OUTS J. Sutton (69) M. Kiraly (78) B. Laguda (62)


Sydney has bolstered its team to take on Essendon at Windy Hill on Sunday, with recruit Aaron Francis, star midfielders Corey Warner and Nick Shipley, first-round draft pick Jacob Konstanty and Academy prospects Caiden Clearyand Max Rider all recalled as the Swans shoot for a third win of the year.

The Bombers will welcome back dangerous swingman James Stewart from a foot injury, with Calder Cannons midfielder Mahmoud Taha to make his debut.

Head-to-head: Sydney 19-10-9.
At Windy Hill: Sydney 1-0.
Streak: Sydney 2

W. Gould (17), A. Francis (10), W. Edwards (28)
HB: L. Rankin (41), H. Arnold (38), J. Magor (32)
C: C. Mitchell (35), R. Clarke (4), C. Warner (37)
HF: J. Bartholomaeus (53), I. Kirk (54), H. Hall-Kahan (45)
F: J. Buller (47), J. Konstanty (18), P. Ladhams (19)
R: T. Hickey (31), D. Stephens (3), M. Roberts (34)
INT: C. Cleary (65), C. Owen (40), N. Shipley (52), L. McAndrew (46), M. Rider (66)*

EMG: J. Tidemann (63), H. Morrison (55), T. Howard (56), M. Geddes (61)

IN: C. Cleary, A. Francis, J. Konstanty, M. Rider, N. Shipley, C. Warner
OUT: J. Brown, J. Crocker, M. Geddes, Ham. Morrison, Har. Morrison, J. Tidemann

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One common team: we beat Geelong away, they lost at home.

Will be good to see Taha play

Hopefully he slips through to be a rookie b

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There was a story earlier this week that Harley Reid will be playing for our VFL team also this week. Obviously not happening now by the look of the team named.



If only we had Reid to add to this back line.

He is playing next week against southport


But will likely be rested for the 38 minute and 45 second final quarter.


Never mind the Bin Chickens - I’d like to see this Essendon VFL team play a match against the current Essington AFL team. I’d put a brick on the Magoos to win.

You must rate Weed.


Another Bomber caning!!

Come back quarter!

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Hmmm. I’m guessing there aren’t too many here making a case for themselves.


Been watching it online

Weed getting smacked around by buller.

Baldwin good on Ladhams, and has him goalless.

Couple nice moments from tsatas that quarter but not much of the ball.

We can barely get it forward, and when we do its a hack kick to the sydney outnumber. Voss cant get near it but its not a pleasant arvo for our forwards

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only Baldwin in next week? Tsatas?


Who the hell is this VFL ruckman!?
Hickey is going to have 35 touches and has been dominant.

First to 100. There goes the comback.

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