VFL - Round 19 vs Bin Chickens @ Windy Hill, 1:05pm Sunday 30th July

I went to watch, saw 17-67 and decided there were better ways to spend a Sunday


I feel like this side has way too much talent to be losing this badly to a bottom VFL side.

What’s going on here? Are we massively overrating ourselves?

Nice tex. Beautiful leg break.

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Who cares 104.

As long as you have both hands going in the same direction you can throw the ball.

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We are getting smashed in the middle.

I watched the VFLW Grand Final instead:

  • Collingwood hit the front in the third quarter, and LOST.
  • Fede got back-to-back premierships.
  • Fellow ex-Bomber Lauren Caruso got the medal for BOG.

So… this game. Is the score representative, or are we worse than it suggests?

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A lot of people are definitely overrating our AFL listed players who have been playing VFL most of the year. Some of them have been okay, Tsatas has been good, none of them have dominated and forced the selectors to pick them or shown they would be clear upgrades on our current senior players.

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What a stellar list Adrian has built


Honest question, how does a guy like Lord get drafted at all?

There’s about 1000 better players at local level.

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Built like sticks, cannot hit targets, cannot really tackle (most of them), lack a lot of vision and lack a lot of mongrel about them.

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Yeah it is a head scratcher. I am not even sure he is VFL level.

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I’m glad we are developing our players.

Worse than park football standard.

No system or structure at all. No chance for Voss to stake a case.

Hayes and Tex been decent.

Otherwise terrible.


To me this is the real question. Twenty weeks at the best training level and we can’t execute skills. Full time athletes.

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Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…I think we need to accept that Voss won’t be an answer.


Yes but they are all nice young men

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Francis looks good. WSPHU


Draft day

AFL official “Adrian, you have 30 seconds left”

Dodoro “Oh Lord”

AFL official “Pick number 46, Alistair Lord to Essendon.

Dodoro “wait, what?”


He showed some real good traits at underage level and thought he might be worth a shot but he lost a bit of his draft year to injury and just hasn’t shown anything at VFL level and I think he has even regressed.
He will be playing country footy next year, just is big average