VFL - Round 19 vs Bin Chickens @ Windy Hill, 1:05pm Sunday 30th July

Can’t hit a target = Skills

Why are we so unfit = ?

Keeping Sean Murphy is just as much of a head scratcher

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Was very glad Blitz has been offline for a majority of this game.

Did it really happen? Nah. Move on.


Sydney shaking posts again.

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Swans AFL and VFL team has lots of size about it.

We have midgets and twigs….and a long injury list.


Swans are basically at full strength now. We have a lot of injuries. It makes a huge difference to your VFL team’s fortunes.

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Because we have to work harder to chase the ball they have miskicked

So if we cant hit targets at training as well we should be the fittest team around having to run to get the ball back.

Still would bring Baldwin in for next week. Other additions should be Tex and Tsatas. I also think Hayes has shown some positive signs today.

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Pipe down Dodoro lover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would pick Baldwin, I would consider Tsatas, but I wouldn’t pick Tex or Hayes.


Vfl is worse quality than edfl

how does phillips go from having a top 5 winger for the season to this level of player?


If Baldwin can’t get a game in the ones he may aswell clean out his locker and look at other options.
I keep hearing he is happy and feels like he owes us a debt but he could go to North, get some decent coin and play every single week. Pretty clear we don’t rate him


No point having a game plan if you cant kick or handball.


Mass injured in the first quarter as well. We will probably see him return form a 1 week injury in May 2024


How is the other Davey doing with his knee?

Not much to look forward to for the Essendon Football Club. :frowning:

Yeah, we won’t see Mass again until next year… playing against us.

AFLW starts soon.