VFL - Round 2 vs Pies @ Victoria Park, 2pm Saturday 24 April 2021

Read into the below what you will.

We’ve named 23, the Pies 24. Not sure how many players are in a VFLM team this year.



I thought Jones was out of the AFL team?

Hmmm… looks like Waterman out, Wright forward, Phillips ruck.


I reckon if Jones doesn’t play AFL they’ll just give him a complete week off.

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No Gleeson? In for Ridley?

Gleeson is injured at the moment. Nobody really sure what it is though.

And no BZT implies he Is in for Ridley. Just read the training report that says Gleeson was with the modified group today.

I will heading along to Vic Park tomorrow.

You can say what you like about Collingwood ( & we all do ) but that place had a lot of footy history.


Where did you find the teams? I can’t see them on the vfl app?

Great news McBride in for his first ever game for points

This game will be on kayo again too!


Blitz preview is dodgy, again. At a later stage they’ll presumably be named in positions and emergencies will appear.

And both teams are soooooooo getting fined for providing spoilers for the AFL team in advance.

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Isn’t it Reid (mystery injury)/Ridley (inj)/Waterman out for Stewart/BZK/Phillips? None of those three are listed in the VFL team, so it seems likely.

Hoping to get to this match tomorrow. First VFL game for the year. :slight_smile:

Whats the go with only 17 named in that team.
Who else is at HFF.

I’ve seen that bug before (and the VFLW Pies this week are missing that spot too).

I thought it previously occurred because of a long name, but now I’m not so sure.

Named in position now, with a special mystery surprise for the last spot:

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P.S. If you believe the websites, Collingwood have 11 people on their VFLM list. We have 30.

What made you think that?

Hird v Cox. Huge

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Games on Kayo apparently

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Pies must have a few new injuries.

Barely any AFL listed players named

Playing a debutant and someone who hasn’t played since 2019 apparently Sun