VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


High free to them in front of goal.


A typical Essendon tackle !


They aim across the face and the wind turns it ninety degrees for the goal.





McNeice clearly held, umps are on the seemingly inevitable bandwagon, nope. Goal directly results.




Wind stops and their snap gets through.





Our best, comfortably.


39-60 and then 39-66.

Loony strongly abusing the ump for allowing that goal from the ruck contest.


Hind needs to take some humility pills. Caught again, Long-style.

P.S. Long is injured, I’m told.






Willy keeping our percentage good.


Wow. Three consecutive kicks that flew backwards halfway through their flight and thereby ended with our players. A scramble at our fifty and then a fourth kick does the same for a Younan mark and goal.

Play of the Day.



Home ground advantage … :roll_eyes:


When we the last time any of our sides played well in the wet or in windy conditions. It’s a friggin winter sport but we just don’t have a clue. Money for jam loading up on the opposition when this weather is forecasted


Great brave mark by Bezerk Thatcher. Truly fantastic, especially with a chin sticky-taped together.


Are we in Q3 or Q4?



You would think training out at Tulla, they’d have a fair diea of how to play in the wind!! As for the slippery conditions, just have a look at the surface they train on. My pool table is in worse shape!