VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


Redman snap point.


31-40 at 17 minutes.

We need to score a lot very soon.


Hilarity as Willy get a free thirty out of our goal and 30 men go to the southern wing and 4 to the rest of the ground. Made perfect sense.

Then he kicks it twenty metres over the huge pack, and out on the full.


Loony grabs ball at bounce and goals.

Smack into ruck.




HepA with the 48th on the full.


Draper jumps over pack on wing to mark.


That’s at least 2 today!


Hocking point.

It will take a miracle in the last to win, or be close.



53rd on the full.


Plenty of stoppage practice.


Redman buries guy into fence, free against. Is punched in face in remonstration by team mate, umps miss that but not Redman’s response. Fifty.


Past 35 minutes, down their end.


Siren at 35:53.


5.9.39 we trail 5.10.40


Wind is brutal but still at 45 degrees.


Bezerk Thatcher playing with quite a few fresh stitches across his chin.




Coach repeating what I just said, one second later: don’t kick it out on the full.


Down their end but we keep tackling.