VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


Bezerk Thatcher another tough mark.

Merrett gets a Bronx cheer for a tackle. Oh dear.


Didn’t the VFL team win a practice match in the wet like 3 weeks ago?




Smack should be playing in our seniors tomorrow hmmmm






No. He’s a spud.


And Christian Buykx-Smith flies over Sheahan for a sweet and unexpected speccy at the top of the square. That’ll be in the ‘VFL Top 5’ video this week.


And yes, I spelt his name correctly.


6.9.45 loses to 10.17.77

Willy gonna Willy.


Not this year, having a good one


Thanks for your call of the mismatch DJR.


He always goes well in the VFL.


Yep, unfortunately for him he is too good for VFL but not quite up to it at AFL.


Change of weather just hit as I walk to the car, new rain and perhaps an 80kph westerly.



Top work as usual DJR.


Just like being there. Except on my couch where it’s 25° outside and not a cloud in the sky.


Clarke our best. It’s a very short list of good players today, though much of the drabness was related to structure and movement, and playing a much too tall team for the conditions.

Once a year is too much, Willy.


Tall is the way we want to play


Played well in JLT aswell

I’d give him a shot


Thanks DJR. Heroic.