VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


I’ve always said that …


Should play in SANFL…might win a Magarey


“I expect the players onfield to make decisions about when they need to be short”.


No hope, it’s a midfielders medal just like the Brownlow.


I’m not commenting on every player, because there were so many passengers. For much of the game I give us credit that we applied enough pressure to stop them scoring — but apart from Smack early we never looked like scoring ourselves.

Three rucks plus Ridley, Bezerk Thatcher, Ambrose, newLAV and oldLAV, Boyse… it’s not a formula for success at Willy with a big wind across the ground. There are advantages to being a standalone team: you can truly select to match the conditions.

Bezerk Thatcher >> Ridley, again.

Ambrose and McNeice were decent shutdown defenders (Ambrose didn’t play the entire game; neither did newLAV).

Clarke clearly our best. No adventurous kicks, but they hit targets more often than the kicks of others.

Mynott faded as the game went on, but as noted he is just as much a honey badger as Clarke (but smaller).

The LAVs did bugger-all.

Smack our best ruck and forward. Leuenberger got sucked into wrestling with the shorter and fatter Meese, after the umps decided to let everything go. Draper took a couple sweet marks and not much else.

Hind needs a kick up the butt; is playing the role of Long in overestimating what he can get away with.

Merrett is old enough and skilled enough that he had no excuse to be as awful as he was.


Commas they are so important…


Langford clearly best off ground.

Sorry DJR. :smiley:


Eat my balls mate.


Really don’t know why Merrett is on our list

Never ever made it


7 years at the club, for 54 games…


Mason Redman was picked with basically the same draft number, and could have a very similar games tally after 7 years.


Absolutely Anabelle
He has guts and will go in
Up forward would kick 3 goals
The coach keeps wrapping him up but has not picked him yet


Too tall is the way we want to play


Too tall is the tall we want to tall


Vfl site nominate bests as follows:
Ridley, Clarke, Zerk, Ambrose, Heppel, Mutch.


Two intercepting backs, two mids & an AFL lister.


Yeah nah.

And Mutch may have got a fair bit of it but was worse inside and worse with outside delivery than Mynott.


I thought Hocking was playing well until I realised it was Mynott.


Cold, wet, windy, loss. Not awesome.


Just like the bad old days of the VFL / VFA on suburban grounds last century.