VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


Wind is slightly towards the end we kicked to in the first quarter.


Can we please confirm who isn’t playing today?


Hartley and Langford?


Langford and Hartley not playing




Looks like Hartley in for Brown. No chance Hartley doesn’t play a game 2 weeks in a row





So the confusion has spread to our 2s.


Mutch been busy and not too blooper-y.

Willy ruck illegally pulls Loony on top of him, corks himself. Suffer.


Gust of wind drags ball forty metres further across the ground than intended.




The cheating corkee gets a ruck free top of the goal square. Boooo.

23-16 at 10 minutes.


Mynott and Clarke rabid in packs.


Awful last kick forward by them works by pure luck. Goals from thirty, reading the wind well.

23-22 we lead at 15 minutes. Need to lock down the next 15 minutes.


Set shot by them. He compensated for the wind but nowhere near enough!



How’s Lav going today really hoping he pushes for senior selection.


Seems like Mynott has been right in everything last few games.

The Guelfi last pick in draft and Mynott rookie selection seem like inspired choices.


49 Meese is a deadset cheat in the ruck, every time, and the umpires are allowing it.


OldLAV set shot destroyed by gust of wind. On the full.


Didn’t realise Green was injured …