VFL - Round 2 vs Willy @ Willy, 2pm Saturday 14 April 2018


Bezerk Thatcher forces ball out with tackle. We need to kill five more minutes.



Winx has just destroyed the queen Elizabeth field.


Balls spill over back of contest near goal, Willy first up and goal.


And now a mark from a shanked kick deeper into Red Time.




Phew, poster only after stuff-up by us.







On the full by them.

33 minutes, blow the damn siren.


33:55 siren arrives for half time.

3.5.23 trails 4.10.34 (four points kicked in the last few minutes!)


The kids’ goals are leaning over at thirty degrees in the wind.


Until that last five minutes we’d nullified that quarter.

Wind direction a little variable but at about thirty degrees across the wing and favouring the city end. A comfy 50kph.


As we run out, it’s a ten goal wind down the guts. Stay like that, for thirty minutes please. Only.


Is Ambrose playing OK?


Five minutes, all in our half but no score. Long delay as ball goes out.

McNeice snap around the body goes 40m high and 70m long.





Sheahan long point. Needed to aim 5m outside the point post.




Disastrous cross-the-goal transition falls apart due to wind. Redman concedes goal.



He looks alright, not holding back with the physical stuff. I only saw the first bit of the game though.


Their extra full-back marks on the line.


37th on the full on the southern wing…