VFL - Round 3 vs Bullants @ North Port Oval 1pm 9 April 2023

Why wouldn’t they just play it at 11am or 12pm?

Just plain stupidity.


IN: D’Ambrosio, Hind, Hobbs, McDonald-Tipungwuti
OUT: Baldwin, Fitzgerald, Loton, Lynch

B 38. Montgomerie 41. McBride 42. D’Ambrosio
HB 28. Lord 18. Hayes 19. Hind
C 55. Phillips 8. Hobbs 53. Conforti
HF 43. McDonald-Tipungwuti 39. Voss 11. Snelling
F 40. Wanganeen 56. Jorgensen 45. Munkara
R 34. Phillips 59. Bernacki 67. Narkle
INT 57. Cootee 58. Rasinac 60. Cleaver
62. Laguda
23rd player 63. Brown
EMG 77. Fitzgerald 51. Hoare 69. Sutton
50. Lynch 64. Hotchkin

Has the upcoming games fixture been released yet?
The EFC web site still is only showing the 2022 fixture.

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We play the next two Sundays.
I thought it was on the fixture page (main AFL website).

Hopefully this works.

Just go here and click the link. cleaner connection if you want to see all matches, not just Essendon.

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u ■■■■■■■ what djr?

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HF 43. McDonald-Tipungwuti 39. Voss 11. Snelling
F 40. Wanganeen 56. Jorgensen 45. Munkara

That Forwardline


I know; Radio 3DJR is consequently boycotting this game.

This looks to be a good, strong side,

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Balders in would’ve made it even better. Bad luck he misses but sounded like a nasty smack in the head he copped last week


Think it was a delayed reaction. Came back on and cleared first concussion assessment.

its game day mofos whjo gives a ■■■■ about the afl, voss watch


Gonna be a dreadful day down there, weather-wise. A Preston home game, at a cold and wet Port Melbourne, at lunch time on Easter Sunday. Massive crowd expected, I’m sure.

Even in between my son’s basketball seasons, we still get fixtures I can’t get to. Very Frustrating.


sounds like it’s set up for the small forwards.

Is coverage only via AFL app or is it on FTA or Fox?

AFL app only

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Stop it you’ll get a like from David J Richardson.

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Where’s the feed?