VFL - Round 5 vs Cats @ MCG, 11:50am Sunday 5 May 2019 - on TV


What’s wrong with Raz, I thought he was just crook


filthy bump, give that dog weeks.




no head high on begley FMD




Head high hit on Begley. We miss the shot. Kick in and Landt misses again too. 0.6 for him today.


16 minutes in.


stacks wasn’t a shirtfront Campbell you ■■■■■■■ bin rat.


Begley received a hip and shoulder to the face, no free kick wow.


Very impressed by the team this quarter.


Would still love to see Hepp A given a shot at AFL level too.


The umps are STILL trying to hand the Cats as much as they can. We are winning how about favouring us for a bit?


oh long, no pressure and you do that.


Jake Long terrible pass


Long is crap


Long’s awful kick gives the Cats a goal.



You’d think hepA would offer more than long on our list.


Hartley looks a gun everytime I watch him at vfl level. Looks totally different at afl level.


Not really no.


Long kick out of defensive 50 under little pressure poor and straight to cats results in a goal to Abbott.