VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Fridge on the ball

Handballs to long who gets run down when he really oughtnt

That was 30 seconds of the most unprofessional umpiring I have ever seen,.

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These umps are also off their heads.

Begley almost as dumb. Both run down.

Fridge run down.

Ridley been deep forward bulk of the quarter

The body language from all 45 players this week looks as if they all have the flu - the real flu not the Windy Hill strain.


dea been good this quarter

Zerk has not impressed me at all this season. A fair way off it imo

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Hartley struggling. Right thigh strapped.

wonder how many contested marks we’ve taken

Couldn’t agree more. Both teams have looked lethargic and based on this weekend have gone from the fastest teams in their respective competitions to the slowest!!!



Every player over 196cm is on Injury watch.
We can’t take a trick.

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Mozz has genuine presence

Bullshit call

Langford not great either.

Smith is a good player. Too good for Hartley and Zerk at times today. Is he on Melbourne’s list?


Ball falls their way. Goal.


(Three extra shots has them 33 in front.)

That’ll do it