VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Look at the body language - hunched over, hands on hips. Same as last night. Wonder if the training load is too high at Tulla.

Game over now.


And right on cue, Harley drops the mark and Smith goals.

Both AFL and VFL teams have been really really poor defensively .

Gown doing runs on the bench.

would like us to be able to take uncontested marks too

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ball thrown up in tackle is different to an incorrect disposal apparently

Umpiring is rigged. Bunch of ■■■■■

4 run down tackles in the middle a few mins ago. 2 by them, both HTB. 2 by us both play on. Then that Casey player had prior and failed to get the handball away, but the ball spills and ump is happy with that.

take your time Clarke

Sibbald minor knee injury. Done for day.


hope we got abuse value for that 50m

Free and goal for Casey.

Frees 11-20, we’ve done well today.

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This is like watching the Bendigo Bombers

I think you meant to say - “VFL Bombers major brain fades. Done for day!”

umps just wondering how else they can have an influence. And then he recalls the one about giving 50m for a late hold.

Pretty dismal.

I don’t think we’ve strung 2 or 3 possessions together.

Langford stands up in a tackle- tries to make something happen - but handball is misdirected. Casey go end to end for a set shot and goal.

Our talls today are either injured or are rubbish.

We’re shuffling deck chairs.


The standard of umpiring this year is nothing short of atrocious.
Seems to be an anti Essendon thing.
Identical situations, no free to the Bombers but, yep, definite free to the opposition.
On multiple occasions.
And what’s the deal with protecting the head these days? Has that gone by the wayside?

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