VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Trapped down their end. Ump gets bored and gives them a free.

Fridge wandering in no mans land. Ball spills to him, gets pinged. Ball




Is it just me? How can that be HTB? No prior. No failure to attempt to dispose.

that is peak essington

Bezerk Thatcher hard on behind post kicks it to front of goal and it bounces off a Casey shin.

Oh dear.


coughed up goal deep in the backline
someone needs to tell our players you can take it through the goalline when under pressure


Who farken knows anymore. Seriously

if you break a tackle then the next one gets you, its always been holding theb ball.

Fridge on the pine

Should have handballed it through for a point

Zerk says time for a donation.

heppell is playing? wow been surprisingly quiet

We kick it out on the full from the pool pocket. There was a nice contested mark by Langford prior to that.

Pretty stagnant. Lots of afl listed boys rotating nominal fwd

the worst decision error
Deliberate paid

We’re put in a chokehold, play on. Seconds later high paid for them.

Then a “deliberate” against us. They hate the game. Or us.

Long is dumb.