VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Really struggling for tall forwards at every level


3.6.24 trails 11.4.70

What a ridiculous quarter by us

Pretty much like seniors, we look good when out in the open but under any contested pressure we have very little composure

Casey are a team that is defensively superior… can’t buy a goal. Can’t even string possessions together.


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We did well against Geelong last week… they tried to shut us down defensively and worked really hard at creating congestion.
But we had the quality to get through it. Today we can’t, especially without Draper winning the clearances.

It’s hard to watch. Only the experienced players really standing up. Hocking, Dea. Most of our listed young guys not getting a kick. I still like Clarke in close, but he has not been very effective today. Langford;s skills in close at this level look good. Begley not getting a sniff at all. Mo22ie started the quarter with a burst, but needs to contest better in 50/50 situations.

Hit outs 17-57, and this time it matters. Plus their big guys are kicking goals as well.

HepA Hocking Clarke with Read.

Ridley true FF

Begley chf

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Bezerk Thatcher contested mark loss. Has been bad since returning from injury.


outmarked again

Is someone looking for the 4 wheels that fell off at windy hill today?

zerk been poor last 2 weeks. Very poor.

Nino was concussed in the first quarter. Would have been our best tall forward otherwise. And he’s not tall.


We are getting belted

They haven’t missed today either

The club need to ask the umpires whats going on with tackling decisions or teach our players what they are doing wrong.