VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed

Another uncontested mark inside defensive 50

And chaos ball hits them on the chest.

24-83 was touched by Hartley on the mark.

Dea the sole remaining defender, it seems at times.


This looks like another team

Bang! Langford!

Sweet goal by Langford. Bad kick to him, but blind turn, sells candy to the next guy and slots it from forty.

langford with a bit of talent to goal

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Houlahan gets hit high, is dazed

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Is this performance like the seniors last night or just a team missing a multitude of players?

The last 2 mins Langford has looked like Mosquito

We’ve fallen apart injury-wise then structurally.


Defensively, yes. We have conceded a lot of uncontested marks inside defensive 50.

Offensively we have lost a heap of structure up forward because of injury… plus Draper in the Ruck.

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For them.

Another uncontested mark inside defensive 50

Well this weekend has been a bag of dicks


Laguda now our FF.

Dea another intercept mark. Easily our best.

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Worse. At least dicks are useful.

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Landt hits Begley forty out.

No one has put their hand up either.

Ridley and Langford look like they have lost all confidence. Ridley has even made a few costly turn overs… which is totally uncharacteristic.

Yay. Nice kick.