VFL - Round 6 vs Casey @ Windy Hill, 2pm Saturday 11 May 2019 - streamed


right on cue

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Well, that mark was the most obvious thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Not to any of our players though.

Preuss floats across the front of the pack to mark and goal.

22-38, that was crucisl

Get Hartley back into the Ruck… our midfield has looked most dangerous when he has been in the midfield.


3.4.22 trails 6.2.38 at half time.

That last goal stung, we controlled most of that quarter.

Hartley looked to be blowing pretty heavy after that short stint in the ruck. Maybe the reason he’s not been considered in the past.

He was a Ruckman at Collingwood.
Then Coburg turned him into a Defender.

He definitely has very good tap work skills, and he is agile enough to be an extra midfielder.

I reckon that is something we can work with. Certainly a better Ruckman than McKernan. Just needs to learn the forward craft.

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Does kicking goals from 70 out count as forward craft?


If you wink b4 you kick its ok

Langford 13 possessions, Hocking and McNiece 12 possessions, Heppell 9 and Clarke & Ridley both 8.

Got here at HT



No stats, but I only saw 1 possession for mo22ie (and it wasn’t a good one)

Ridley forward. Leads and a nicely weighted pass from Long.

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Fridge mostly at true FF - holds up nicely allowing Ridley the mark.


Like like like

Hits the right post!


Ridley huge tackle

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Felt that one

Mo22ie being bashed off the ball, responds with a great mark.

We’re held at top of the square. Not paid.

Ess forward wrestled away from the ball while completing the mark in the square. No, says ump. I missed that one. Maybe watching for a post wobbler after last night?