VFL - Round 6 vs Dogs @ Whitten Oval, 11:35am Sunday 1 May 2022

That leaves pretty much one hour from the end of the VFL game to the start of the AFL game.

The 216 or 220 bus departing at the northern end of Whitten Oval appears to be the most direct PT route.


Not even a train from the station next to the ground?

There is, but it’s an annoyingly indirect walk. If the match goes less than 2:45, West Footscray Station may be a good choice (and unlike some other trains you might catch from Footscray, it goes direct to Southern Cross).

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Assuming the buses you mentioned stop outside Southern Cross? I have this tradition of liking to be at the ground before the team runs out so I’ll be keen as a bean to get to Marvel.

Nope. Mostly between Nth Melbourne and Southern Cross. Try the Travel Planner, and see what works for you.

What does it cost to get in to watch the VFL these days

Oh yay we can watch the 3 or 4 listed players who aren’t injured and also aren’t complete write offs yet participate in another comfortable loss.

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Generally free, sometimes $5

That’s OK.
Given the location I’m pretty sure taking the public transport options to get there will see you offered several opportunities to buy stuff that’ll make watching the game quite comfortable.
If a little blurry & confusing.

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At least we’re not Footscray?


Partial changes here (full team will eventually arrive). Note no Shiel.

IN: H Crozier, D Bedendo, J Schache, J Ugle-Hagan, R West
OUT: C Craig-Peters, C Doultree, J Gilbee, A Hodge, W Lewis (all omit)

IN: L Godden, N Hind, P Pascu, S Rasinac, B Zerk-Thatcher
OUT: to come
DEBUT: Paul Pascu (17, Calder Cannons), Stefan Rasinac (24, Aberfeldie)

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Looks like Shiel will be the AFL sub

Francis is also IN and Devon Smith has disappeared


Smith an interesting disappearance :face_with_monocle:

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Maybe a sub and an emergency??? Or health protocols…. Or he ran away.
Edit: obviously I didn’t look closely enough at the teams. No mention anywhere. :thinking:

That is a very thin VFL side named.

Stop having cheap shots at Walla’s weight issue please.


What does it cost to get into this game

Strained groin from scaling the fence, or slightly worse if barb wired !

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No Walla? I think odds of a seniors return are getting worse by the day…