VFL - Round 6 vs Dogs @ Whitten Oval, 11:35am Sunday 1 May 2022

I think the last time I went there for a men’s game it was gold coin donation. At worst, standard price is $10.

Health protocols

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No Shiel to the surprise of no one

LAV will end up being a late out and Shiel will come in which makes peeerrrfect sense.

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Also for those heading to the game, there’s some pretty major redevelopment works at the Barkly St end of Whitten Oval and Whitten Drive has been closed. I’m not entirely sure if pedestrian access is impacted (I think it is), but there might a little walking detour required to get in if you’re coming for that end…

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For the VFLW yesterday, you could only get in via the main entrance. All other gates were padlocked.

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I think Smith’s knee is shot and I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires before the end of this season.


It’s a tough gig hey

Anyone there who can tell us who were are holding over for AFL?

Will get a good idea of any late out

I will be there in about 20 mins

At a guess, id say sheil won’t play as he will be sub. Hind is the watch, he might play a half if he is the emg


If Smith’s knee is shot, whomever gave him a two year contract should be jettisoned.


As soon as anyone on our team has a few good weeks we rush to sign them for 2-3 years no questions asked. Did the same with Clarke.

Sutton kicks the first goal for us.


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That’s a T20 deep boundary in that pocket.

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Hind BZT and Bryan all playing .
No shiel


bit of hero ball from ham

No Francis or Shiel.

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Ham with some decent running from HB before

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