VFL - Round 7 vs Cats @ Windy Hill, 12noon Saturday 19 May 2018

Perfect scheduling to be at both Windy Hill and the MCG.

Green and Redman return from injury.

B: 28. M. Brown, 36. M. Hartley, 41. B. McNiece
HB: 27. M. Redman, 10. A. Francis, 30. B. Zerk-Thatcher
C: 57. N. Hind, 59. A. Heppell, 34. J. Long
HF: 20. J. Merrett, 51. A. Boyse, 39. T. Mynott
F: 15. J. Green, 38. S. Draper, 40. L. Lavender

R: 22. M. Leuenberger, 3. D. Parish, 77. H. Hocking

Int: 76. L. Collins, 68. N. Dixon, 60. B. Fennell, 24. J. Houlahan, 79. J. McQueen, 72. J. Ottavi, 70. J. Sheahan, 55. D. Younan

23P: 75. T. Crosbie

In: J. Green, L. Collins, J. Ottavi, B. McNiece, B. Fennell, J. McQueen, N. Dixon, M. Redman, D. Parish

Out: M. Dea, M. Guelfi, J. Ridley, K. Langford, D. Clarke



B: 15. M. Hayball, 20. R. Gardner, 55. L. Kiel
HB: 23. A. Black, 54. S. Siggins, 39. Z. Guthrie
C: 68. H. Kol, 53. J. Keras, 42. M. O’Connor
HF: 41. J. Jones, 63. S. Dobson, 6. L. McCarthy
F: 12. W. Buzza, 1. R. Stanley, 32. G. Miers

R: 45. R. Abbott, 64. T. Atkins, 37. S. Simpson

Int: 79. P. Dowling, 62. C. Floyd, 52. N. Horbury, 65. S. McLachlan, 78. J. McLachlan, 75. C. Mitchell, 56. B. Reid, 51. J. Tsitas

23P: 57. M. Diamond

In: N. Horbury, S. Siggins, C. Mitchell, B. Reid, Z. Guthrie, P. Dowling

Out: C. Constable, Q. Narkle

who is your guess for the heldover emergency?
My preference would be Jerrett. I’d prefer to see everyone else play somewhere.

Mutch not named?


2017 Rd 19 @ GMHBA Stadium: Geelong 10.9 (69) d Essendon 9.13 (67)


Essendon (6th) notched a second straight win last week against Sandringham and improved their record to 3-2. Geelong (8th, 3-2) has lost its two games for the season by a total of six points after falling to Collingwood by four points in Round 6.


What impact will the woes of the AFL Bombers have on the VFL team? Essendon’s free-falling season at AFL level might present opportunities for AFL-listed youngsters performing well at VFL level. Dylan Clarke – who leads the VFL for total disposals – and the likes of Matt Guelfi, Jordan Ridley and Brandon Zerk-Thatcher will be hungry to keep impressing club selectors.


The Bombers and Cats both rank in the competition’s top six teams for inside-50s per game but are both ranked mid-table or lower in terms of generating goals from those forward-line entries. The side that can best make their opportunities count will go a long way to winning this match.

[We have to get some extra goals out of NewLAV, Draper, and Loony. Or one of the four talls named back going forward. Or Ottavi.]

Side seems really tall.

Watching Parish this weekend should be a lot of fun.

Genuinely rested.

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Congrats (?) to Long for his fiftieth VFL game.


Good to see Green back out there.


Do the VFL have as good a track record as the AFL team with milestones?
Not many AFL listed guys would get to the milestones with one VFL club you would think.

Well done Longy.

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What was Gary O’Donnell’s game record in the VFL? I recall him saying that he did a long apprenticeship in the VFL before cracking the big time and captaincy.
PS like your new avatar.

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Considering the team Parish will have a full game as a #1 mid, he’d really want to dominate.

My preference would be Mutch, if he is not to tired.(just noticed he is not an emergency)

He’s not named as an emergency

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thanks just noticed

Any streams of this one?

I am sure he played like 4 seasons in a two without a game in the seniors or someting insane like that.

Second point. Very true. Adorable isn’t she ?

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Seem to recall it was 66 games???


AFL tables only list AFL games. According to Wiki, Gary played nearly 50 games at VFL level. So perhaps Long is ahead.