VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


Ball living at our end now

Need a 5 goal lead at 3 qtr time


Two generous frees to Sandy there. Plus a fifty.


Heard Hind smash into him on the outer wing. Mozzie asks what’s your problem? Hind just looks at him…I didn’t take your spot brother says Mozzie, I’ve got wheels tricks and silk… you’ve only got wheels… fading ones


We butcher it going forward and they work it around the wing to set up a shot at goal


Sandy run it up the wing well, but miss from the pocket.



Very little wind right now. Even contest.


Not doing enough. We concede a couple contested marks which lets them get the ball into their forward line.


Hopefully a replay will be posted on Utoob again later.

Can you spot the Video camera recording the game somewhere today DJ?


Mo22ie on ball. Starts a sequence that leads to a Dea point.



We mess up a good chance and only get a behind

LAV yells “■■■■”


Great chase by Zac Clarke to save a goal!


Well, that’s just not possible.
If been reliably told that he can’t do that anymore.


Second-effort tackle by Bezerk Thatcher does the same.


Mozzie fumbles a handball that leads to goal to them

Not good


King contested mark for them forward. Goals.

67-53 at 17 minutes.


Lav wins a centre clearance gets it to Mozzie. Finds Myers in the wing who bombs it to the hotspot.

Hocking wins a holding free and goals



LAV clears to Mo22ie. Onto Myers and he bombs it long where they sweep Clarke’s arms.

EDIT: Hocking. Either of them could have got a free.

And he kicks straight!



Wind is strong

Need 2 more goals


It’s Hammer Time!

Quick clearance and bang from fifty!


Ham kicks a beauty from 45!