VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


Quick scan of the thread seemed to reveal the absence of the Southern FM call radio call link, …



Had trouble listening to the player on the page in Chrome & F Fox (likely due to my set up) but it plays fine in EDGE.

Also, downloading the VLC link works when you drag & drop into VLC.


Bouncy castle and live band in lovely sun.


The Goddard role??


Mozzie in against Tigers

Bring him in we need spark and forward pressure


So far during half-time in the middle the wind has mostly been worth five metres on a kick.

Blowing hard right now though.


Half Time possessions:
Ridley 16 (4 tackles)
Myers 16
Clarke 10
Dea 10
Hartley 10
Heppell 9
McKenna 8
Ham 7
Long 6
Zerk 6
Hocking 6


Ridley shouldn’t have been dropped


Any idea why Hunter, Coffield, and Ben Long are playing VFL? All very good young players


Draper moving fine here. No surgery yet, I guess!


At least they appear to be trying him in alternate positions, last week played forward, this week midfield.


Genuine backman


Dlarke with the clearance from the first centre bounce


Myersy goals


Hind hits it out deliberately to avoid Mo22ie catching him.

Throw in, Myers grabs it and bang!



Myers gets another shot from 65… just misses.



Myers takes another shot from 55m out, just wide



So how much lead is PAR at 3Q time? Feels like 30 points after that 2Q?!?!


Mozzie some nice work in traffic

Younan crumbs a goal off the pack




Younan grabs a loose ball, and very quick dribble banana goal.


Wind modest right now.