VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


Huge 11 point turnaround there.


He would be a very “Dell’olio” selection


Mo22ie is on the ball. He gets it so much when he does that.


Zlarke big mark and lining 40 out

This will be good…


What is Hartley doing on Dea?


Meh, gets us to 100

We officially win


marlion or schloithe


Clarke is the man behind… and is paid the mark!

And he misses from twenty. LOL



We have squandered Myers VFL star potential by playing him in the seniors for too long.

Does anyone know if he has coaching aspirations?


Nice spoil flying back with the flight by Zerk

Then wins a holding the ball.


It’s Purple round. Showing some team spirit




They rove off a bomb to a forward pack and goal.



Do you mean the Clarke who can’t kick?


Hind a wobbly kick forward, marked by Bezerk Thatcher.


Zerk saves a goal with a mark but turns it straight over to give them a set shot




Alwyn can kick. That was Zac.

Poster to Sandy



If not he should
Has a very good footy brain


This good cop, bad cop commentary is disturbing.


20 mins gone

They don’t look like kicking 4 quick goals