VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


Some Mozz brilliance to run the ball away from a pack let down by a bad handball


Matthew Nicholls: ” let’s just see about that”


Landt unleashed a huge kick into the wind and Zac clunks!

And gives off to LAV. Phew.

LAV kicks it so hard it explodes on the full.



ZLarke big mark in the pocket

Pass off instead of taking the shot

LAV OOTF set shot from 30 is worse than ZLarke


24 minutes in.


Great effort to be winning the quarter


Their sole forward marks AGAIN.


And slots it on the sharp angle.



Ridley in defence now


They goal in 15 seconds


27 mins


Torpedo out of the middle and they run onto it and goal.

100-87, thirty seconds left apparently.


Smith gets a stoppage forward.


15.10.100 defeats 13.9.87


Goetz lets the hair down from the rear bun he played in. Is a Viking.


In: Myers
Out: Parish


Our percentage takes another battering. Drops by about 18


Thanks for the commentary, guys. Much appreciated.

Go Dons!


Nice commentary boys, thank you.


Thanks @theDJR and @GuzzLG. Great work


Less nervous. Onto next week, thanks for the commentary :+1: