VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


LAV takes a running shot from 50 and misses badly

Ridley does the same soon after


Long point from Ridley.

Wind is significant


The Traveling WilBerry (Wilburys)

I have no idea how DLarke ended up as Alwyn




30 mins gone


He’s not allowed to be Dylan or Clarke due to arrivals this year.


LAV a great spear kick hits a leading Younan.


It’s his middle name, and he started getting called that at the club when Z Clarke showed up on the scene.


Hep switches to Ham who hits up Younan on the chest. Shooting from 50… straight through the middle

We’ve made great use of the wind





Continuous action and contests, hard to call but great to watch.


33 ain’t LAV!


Is calling him DC considered workplace bullying??


Fair enough. Interchange steward in front of me!

Quarter ends with Hocking running into goal. Damn.

7.4.46 we lead 2.1.13


Dlarke is ferocious at the ball

ripped the ball out of a pack in defence to set up a rebound 50 then wins another hot ball 20 seconds later in the centre square that would have lead to a goal if the siren hasn’t saved Sandy


Grouse start. Hope they can continue this into the wind.


Guelfi’s hair is impressive in the sun.


It’s less than a five goal wind. But we have to change our game this quarter.


Has he been tried at CHF yet?


Has Myers finally found his level?

Is he teaching the young mids how to play the Myers-role?


But his body is very similar…