VFL - Round 7 vs Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval, 2:10pm Sunday 19 May 2019


Ridley wins the centre clearance to Myers who bombs it in for a Hocking pack mark 40 out.

Shank! OOTF


First bounce: Ridley to Myers to a Heath screamer over the back. Kicks too hard, out on full.


Win has disappeared

Lol sandy


Myers hospital handpass to Mo22ie who gets hit high. Still dazed he does a bad sideways kick that is intercepted. Easy goal from fifty for them.




Clumsy Long tackle gives them another set shot from a free. Misses.



Long penalised for legal-looking tackle.

Shot from 47 is floaty and to the left.



ZLarke marks 30m out directly in front…


Misses. FFS.


Alwyn on wing hits up Smith. He in turn hits a leading (Zac) Clarke.

Who misses, of course.



We are going for shorter kicks this quarter and butchering them


Armitage kicks a nice goal for them

Not a good start



Impressive blind turn by Sandy and handball to the boundary from where they slot it.

47-26 at 9 minutes.



Was Clarke this horrible a kick at Freo. I don’t recall it, if he was.


Long gets run down off half back leading to another goal.

The wind just makes everything sail through at that end



Bezerk Thatcher great tackle paid.

Long is told to play on and is run down and pinged.

They goal from that.



Sandy getting too many centre clearances.


They’re well on top. We need to control the ball for a few minutes


Zerk saves a goal on the last line


I thought he was meant to protect the kids?


Alwyn is coaching Mo22ie and LAV at the interchange gate.