VFL - Round 7 vs Werribee @ The Hangar, 2pm Sun 7 May 2023

Double header, starts 3 hours after the women’s match. Don’t expect to get off-street parking.

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You’ll really like the seating that’s installed…
It’s totally nothing like what I was expecting.
And I hope to god, they don’t try and send out some social media rubbish about it.
It’s bloody embarrassing.

Have you got any photos of the seating @Blummers32?
Why is it so crap?

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Did they put anything on top of the boulders?

I have no photos sorry.
To me that’s not what I thought we were waiting four months for.

I’m hoping it’s a temporary solution before they actually put in better seating.

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They have.
I think it’s just a plank of wood or something like that.

I saw it in passing today.


I’ll see if I can take a photo tomorrow, but I’m usually distracted by other things when there.
I was hopi nag to get to the VFLW and VFL game this Saturday, but it doesn’t look like I can make it.


Hopefully this will be the last VFL match that overlaps with the AFL match. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Games are on Sunday not Saturday

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No chance of that

Then I definitely have no hope of making it.
Maybe the week after.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow:, yeah you’re probably right, it’s so annoying.

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It would be better if we could watch the VFL match on Kayo or free-to-air, instead of just on the ipad screen. Damn I wish I could get the casting working.

Edit: Hmm, I wonder if I could use a laptop and a HDMI cable…


Once we’re down by 6 goals late in the 2nd of the Seniors you’ll have an alternative, at least.

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Yes, they have put wooden planks on top of the rocks. Umbrella/shading still to be added. But there is a form of seating at least for this wkd



B: R. Montgomerie (38), K. Baldwin (26), C. McBride (41)
HB: A. Lord (28), L. Hayes (18), Z. Reid (31)
C: T. Phillips (55), B. Cootee (57), M. D’Ambrosio (42)
HF: W. Snelling (11), P. Voss (39), J. Brown (63)
F: T. Wanganeen (40), J. Jorgenssen (56), A. Munkara (45)
R: N. Bryan (24), B. Bernacki (59), Q. Narkle (67)
INT: S. Rasinac (58), W. Hoare (51), B. Laguda (62), S. Conforti (53), A. Harris (71)*
EMG: J. Hotchkin (64), B. Lynch (50), J. Fitzgerald (77)

IN: M. D’Ambrosio, C. McBride, W. Snelling
OUT: J. Cleaver (Young Guns), J. Fitzgerald, B. Lynch


No Jones (strange)
Menzie looks like he is AFL Sub


Good pickup. I wonder what’s going on with him.

He trained fully today. He would have missed 3 weeks of footy after the weekend.