VFL - Round 8 vs Fark Northern @ Pissy Park, 1pm Saturday 26 May 2018

Some big VFL-listed outs… I think that makes HepA or Younan captain.

B: 10. A. Francis, 36. M. Hartley, 70. J. Sheahan
HB: 41. B. McNiece, 30. B. Zerk-Thatcher, 27. M. Redman
C: 34. J. Long, 37. D. Clarke, 3. D. Parish
HF: 15. J. Green, 51. A. Boyse, 20. J. Merrett
F: 38. S. Draper, 28. M. Brown, 24. J. Houlahan

R: 22. M. Leuenberger, 59. A. Heppell, 39. T. Mynott

Int: 76. L. Collins, 75. T. Crosbie, 63. M. Darby, 68. N. Dixon, 40. L. Lavender, 79. J. McQueen, 66. K. Strachan, 55. D. Younan

23P: 64. J. Harrison

In: K. Strachan, L. Collins, M. Darby, N. Dixon, D. Clarke, J. Harrison, J. Merrett

Out: B. Fennell, N. Hind, H. Hocking


Is he the Bendigo boy @theDJR ?

Note that the AFL-listed inclusions of Clarke and Merrett are also the first two emergencies for the interstate game on the same day.

Hartley plays his 50th VFL game (Collingwood, Coburg, us).

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Hmmmm… I can see Clarke being the heldover emergency here. That’s not ideal.

Edit: oh ■■■■, I forgot it was interstate. There will probably be 2 missing won’t there.

I can’t see them taking Merrett because it would mean he’d miss 2 weeks in a row.
I reckon clarke is certain to be one of them.


Stolen from vfl.com.au


2017 Rd 13 @ Windy Hill: Essendon 16.15 (111) d Northern Blues 4.6 (30)


The Blues (14th, 1-5) suffered back-to-back defeats in losing to the Box Hill Hawks by 38 points last week. Essendon (6th, 4-2) bagged a third win in a row with a seven-point victory over Geelong in Round 7.


Who’s next to get AFL call-ups? With Carlton and Essendon’s AFL teams struggling, youngsters performing well for their aligned VFL teams are being rewarded with elite-level games. Pat Kerr (Carlton), Dylan Clarke and Jordan Ridley (both Essendon) all debuted in AFL Round 9 last week after great starts to the VFL season.


The Bombers will fancy their chances of controlling the ball in space against the Blues. Northern averages 57 fewer uncontested possessions per game than Essendon – ranked last in the VFL, compared to fifth – and despite matching the Hawks in the contests last week, conceded 114 more uncontested possessions to their conquerors.


No Mutch?

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He’s the one everyone asks me about, yes…

Not sure how he fits in with Loony, Draper, and NewLAV; especially given the three outs are all smalls.

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B: 51. A. Mullett, 43. J. Glass-McCasker, 49. A. Schumacher
HB: 45. M. Shaw, 28. H. Macreadie, 8. T. Williamson
C: 54. J. Garlett, 9. S. Fisher, 24. F. Pearce
HF: 3. J. Palmer, 5. T. De Koning, 2. C. Polson
F: 29. J. Hill, 26. J. Silvagni, 57. E. Penrith

R: 34. A. Phillips, 32. N. Graham, 1. T. Wilson

Int: 7. M. Blakey, 10. J. Johnston, 25. K. Keppel, 36. M. Lobbe, 22. C. McCabe, 12. B. Myers, 6. G. Strachan, 16. J. Velissaris

23P: 11. A. Federico

In: A. Mullett, T. De Koning, M. Shaw, J. Johnston, N. Graham, J. Garlett, H. Macreadie

Out: J. Weitering, J. Lynch, D. Cuningham

Certainly Justin Crow didn’t have Mutch to say about him.

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Nick Hind injured?

Important player


He was running laps at training. Might be injured.

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Captain injured?

No Myers?

So where’s Mutch?

Are we on the telly this week?

Nope, rattlers V dawks are.

Thanks, @theDJR radio for me/us then. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nah, that’s Mason Fletcher you’re talking about.

anyone know if i can bring my dogs to the ground ?

I’ve heard mutch has been sore. Nothing serious just their body’s and their workloads lately have taken a toll so theyve given him a decent rest. Same was with guelfi after his first 2 games. Zerk is also a tad sore aswell so I expect he will have a games rest coming up too.