VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised

Clarke just waits behind. Is surprised when it’s marked in front of him.

Bezerk Thatcher drops his first mark for the day. Rubber chest.

Clarke also man-watching at the throw-in, gets schooled.

Younan hits a target!!

BBQ chicken pizza from Crust down the street

Very good!

Younan chooses not to shoot for goal.

Hits Hocking in the pocket.

Across the face point.


Nice Houls.

Houlahan does something!

Sorta. Tackled without the ball.

At least he can kick.


Mynott very busy this quarter. Gets the clearance by being held.

Oh Danny boy.

Fifth behind.


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And that’s an 11-point turnaround.

Straight to the other end.


timing worked against us then. If the ump had stopped the play due to blood rule that the Bloos were calling for then that play would never have happened due to overlap.

Dixon in the middle.

we worked so hard for our goal now they have two in a minute

Mynott’s been pretty good in the contests/clearances. A few wayward disposals, but he’s been getting in good positions to win the ball.

#4 Luke O’Brien is killing us.

40-35 after he sets up their latest goal.

Not liking how tynan plays as a whole.

Suddenly they’re running all over us. And their forwards do this weird thing where they lead, mark and goal.


3 in a row to them to lead

another stupid bomb into the forward 50, we have no structure and no forwards who lead

we are playing a shyte brand of footy today