VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised


that ball legit went straight through houlahan’s hands…


Again i say ridley is too skiller and smart not to be playing afl footy


26.50s quarter.



Myers with the classic bomb forwards, Snelling misses a snap. Siren sounds from the kick in.


Snelling kicks a scrambled point just before the siren.

4.8.32 leads 3.5.23


Provided he is learning how to play midfield/forward I don’t have too big of an issue of him slumming it.


Snelling looks like a bit of a dwarf


Myers 15
Younan 14
Gleeson 12
Snelling 10
Heppell 10
Mynott 10
Jok 9
Dea 8
Hartley 8
Ridley 8
Dixion 7
Zerk 7


Younan 14 disposals at half time: 4 points and 2 total misses?


Nah, dwarves are stocky. He’s a halfling.


Fantastic result. We finished a half in 62 minutes; so it will be easy to catch the 2:30 train.


I’m glad Thomas is playing in the VFL


Previous weeks 6.1, can’t hit the side of a barn this week.


Missed field kicks are keeping us from a very decent lead.


A combined chip and dimmy report. South Melbourne Dim sims heated through but nicely moist filling, not too salty, great taste. So Tom forget pretzels go for the dimmies. Chip report. Awful soggy over salted . Meh.


My bull terrier not on goal kicking song today.

Hopefully can make up for it in the next half.


BJ Goddard’s cousin looks alright for çarlton


Lol, met Blitz royalty today DJR and Jackie M. Honoured :joy::joy:


Forward line has been very poor IMO.

Maybe if Mozzie was out there, he could make something of this mess.


Carlton know has two crap Silvagnis