VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised

We should draft this Garlett guy, we’ve been giving it to him all day.


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Touche - still it was nice to see him go through with the tackle rather than just let him go when the tackle slipped high.


Brown spears some sucker out of their boots.

Monster on the full. Sigh.

For those at the ground, is daisy still nursing his hangover from earlier in the week?

I swear everytime they say Clarkey it sounds like they are saying darkey, it is unfortunate to say the least.

He was distracted by the King Kong goal post climber. Why didn’t FCFC try that today?


Sibbald elbowed in the face fifty off the ball. Not seen.

Brayden keeps his feet, and kicks the goal post from ten out.


60-42, was a handy point.

Love watching them…"so much enthusiasm…love the Zerk…they play like they are enjoying it and with spirit, great to see for a change.

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Sibbald moving nicely this quarter. Leads and marks in the pocket.

BANG from the boundary.

Great kick & Goal


Good kick for goal by Sibbald



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Don’t you just wish 22 blokes playing later today had the same desire & enjoyment


Heppell marks with two Blues players running back trying to spoil, they fall and Heppell plays on and goals.

HepA slips behind and marks a long bomb. They smash him late but 2001 vs Norf Hird-like he’s up and runs in to goal!