VFL - round 9 vs Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, Sunday 2 June 2019 at 11:40am - televised


72-42 at 16 minutes.


I really would like to see him given an opportunity at the next level.


Silvagni has done a wonderful job assembling this list; there’s absolutely nothing for Blues supporters to look forward to based on today’s showing.


Just tuned in, hows snelling looking?


Geez our vfl defence is good


Carlton supporters are keeping an eye on the GWS reserves, for their future prospects.




Been good

Nothing flashy. Just a busy in and under player, and looking to tackle plenty.


Bezerk Thatcher hit high, off per blood rule.




it was a clear free too


Monster on the full from hard in the pocket.


Kerr for them has been good and they miss him. They clearly have very little midfield depth too, worse than us.


Monster getting it at will now. Hits up a Ham lead.

Bang from fifty on the angle.



Ham marks near the boundary on the lead, and nails the tough goal.



And Ham gets the hardest one of his day,


3 goals to Ham


Percentage boosting game!


Nice mark and goal ham.
3rd goal and he could have had more today


C’mon Younan kick one